Thursday, 22 January 2015

Taocinho ft Tm9ja – Anywhere + Lyrics

Taocinho da flowsjesus AKA #iwonamo has been pushing nonstop in the music industry for a while.
After Recently dropping his song titled “OMO-OLORE” ft Td’Orlas which has been trending,
Now his finally out with another hit titled ANYWHERE featuring “Tm9ja” produced by {Murphy keyz}

Below is the link to download and check out the lyrics

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intro:: Iwonamo
Murphy k on the beat 
Taocinho #iwonamo
Tm9ja Tm9ja yah yah yah yah yah ooo

Chorus:: I love my baby 
my baby loves me too
they say we are crazy our love's on shake able ooo
      {Tha we can do do Anywhere (8×)}

verse 1:: me I like kerewa ah ah ah me I like kerewa oooooo
me I like kerewa ah ah ah me I like kerewa
me I like kerewa ah ah ah me I like kerewa oooh
me I like kerewa ah ah ah me I like kerewa
    'show me some love'
nobody gonna stop me and u baby 
all night me and you magawu baby 
show me some love
aah na na na oooo
je ka jo ma la sere ooo
baby today na today ooo
slow down me o le sare ooo
mo fe sha e sha e b seere oooh

bridge:: {Tha we can do do Anywhere (8×)}

verse2:: fast time I met her
am filling are face kolo menter 
mi o mo igba ti mo mu lo sii ta
eehy baby o tan ta
gbemi sokan e gbemi si aaya e
I saw down mo le je buyer 
odayan mo oya jarae 

awon temi be 'n' bi omo oya daun 
I wait no more baby let's go down
only crazy rapper from ABK town 

for example to ba gba 
ma fun e loruka 
ma tun fun e legbaa GBA

bridge:: {Tha we can do do Anywhere (8×)}

vrs3:: molo school mi graduate mo de mo iwe
awaa jaiye ninu club b alakowe 
toba gba fun mii ma mu e kuro ni mowe 

te ino mo bosewa 
girl yii dun dun orewa
anywhere anywhere kerewa 
omo yii ma 'n' yi bi sewa

my money no b fake 
the costume I wear no dey fade

o baby show your crazy 
am filling you like Samsung mobile ACE

I no b yam u no fit pond on me ooo 
           NEVER !!! 

girl I gat the greatest love for your heart
see I gat this love for yaaah!!!

bridge:: {Tha we can do do Anywhere (8×)}
               {Tha we can do do Anywhere (8×)}

outro:: lewo saree Anywhere
gbewo saree Anywhere
magawu Anywhere
I love my baby 

Taocinho Anywhere
Murphy k
indo I mix
tm9ja Mr.magawu

you already know me !!!...

Twitter: @Taocinho

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