Thursday, 15 January 2015

Introducing Nekar Jewels "Nigeria's No 1 Online Retail Jewelry Store"

Nekar Jewels is an online shop engaged in manufacture and sales of gold bead and other Jewelries alike. The Company's core business activities include manufacture and sales of Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry Studded with Diamonds, Color stones and semi-precious stones, as well as African beads and plain jewelry. The Company has marketing network is the internet market but can deliver goods purchased online to client anywhere in Nigeria.
Our Jewelry-manufacturing unit, based in Nigeria is equipped with state of the art machinery & technology along with highly trained and artistic labor. Our skilled designers bring out innovative & exquisite designs which are converted into pieces of bewitching beauty and excellent craftsmanship. We make sure that every piece crafted at Nekar Jewels gives maximum fire, brilliance, dispersion & scintillating effect that will re-energize your soul as meeting our mission statement which is to make our clients sparkle in style.

Within a short span of time, we have worked hard and produced some really breath-taking collections for all seasons. Every piece of sparkling delight that you see also shines bright on the international arena. Our creations conform to the most stringent of international standards.
So, whatever be your demand: creativity, quality or value for money, there is one name that caters to all your needs –Nekar Jewels.
Our efficient direct delivery network in Nigeria and marketing affiliates in the most West African countries facilitate direct global contact with existing and new customers. It would indeed be a privilege to be given an opportunity to do business with your company. Looking forward to a priceless corporate relationship.
Allow us to introduce ourselves to you as "NEKAR JEWELS", the complete solution to all your needs in beads and jewelries to make you sparkle in style.

NOTE: Nekar Jewel store will officially open on January 19, 2015

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