Sunday, 15 March 2015


I just have the passion for writing but I know that I'm not that good. Who cares anyway? Besides I'm not a literature student that needs to perfect his/her writing skills: not that we (science students) don't write report to perfection. We only do it well when the need arises. So if you are thinking of bashing or correcting my grammatical blunder...... Hmnnnnnn ; like I have rightly said "who cares anyway?". The choice is yours.

Thanks Guys!
Let us make it more formal (Smiling).
All Rights Reserved:
This work exclusively belongs to 'HAZARDOUS' also known as Ikoko aje egun jeran (hyena that eats both meat and bone). As for copyright..... I'm just doing it for pleasure and attention. If you think you like any part of my write up, you are free to do
whatever you like with it, even without acknowledging me. "Who cares?" This is my first story/write up; Appreciation is needed in terms of comments.
Thanks for your time. Smiling face!

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