Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Annie Idibia denies she doesn’t see eye to eye with 2face’s baby mamas

2face-and-Annie-Macaulay Nollywood Actress , Annie Idibia has said that there is no beef whatsoever between her and 2face’s other baby mamas – Sunmbo Ajaba and Pero Adeniyi.
While being interviewed by OAP Toolz in a Sunday programme on TV, the mother of two talked about her relationship with 2Face Idibia – their ups and downs, her children, her step children, as well as the other women.
On being married to the most famous musician in Africaz, she sai;d “he is a regular guy, it’s like getting married to any regular guy you fall in love with. Sometime,s we forget the fame. He is really normal to a fault. We fool around a lot. He joins me in the kitchen sometimes; he helps with the house chores a lot. We play a lot; we do almost everything together like from cooking etc. We joke about almost everything and say the silliest things!”
Speaking further, she said “He looks like a baby when he sleeps. He doesn’t sleep like an adult at all.
When asked why she accepted his marriage proposal in 2012 despite his involvement with other women, Annie said “I said yes to his proposal because I love him. Won’t you say yes to someone you love, regardless of all. I didn’t see the proposal coming though because that period, we were not really together, we were just being good parents to my daughter…but when he proposed, I said yes because I want to be with him regardless and moreover he is not a bad person.”
She further revealed that she has a “cool relationship” with her several step-children and their mums.
“I am civil with them, no beef, we are cool. My children and the boys play a lot”
2face and Annie got married in 2013 in Dubai and they have two kids – Isabella and Olivia.

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