Monday, 30 June 2014

Confab amends sitting period for Ramadan

The national conference on Monday amended its siting period because of the ongoing Ramadan.
With effect from Monday, delegates agreed to sit from 9am till 3.30pm, without observing a break.
The Chairman of the conference, Justice Idris Kutigi, had informed delegates before the commencement of the deliberation on the report of the committee on Political Parties and Electoral Matters, that there were suggestions on the need to armed the sitting period.
Before now, the conference sits from 9am to 2pm when it would observe a beads for launch, resume at 4pm and then close anytime from 6pm.
While presenting the issue, Kutigi said, “Before now, we work from 9am to 2pm, then from 4-6pm, but now we are suggesting that the sitting arrangement be amended.
“We have a suggestion that sitting should start from 9am to 2pm, break at 4pm, while we resume and close by 5.30pm. The second is to work from 9am to 3.30pm without observing any break.”
Kutigi also told the delegates that his office had been inundated with complaints by delegates that they were not being called to contribute to debates.
Because of this, he said the management had decided that each of the remaining reports would be treated in two days.

While a day would be devoted to the debate of each report, he said the following day would used to take amendment and passing of the report.
He said, “Many people have been accusing us that we were not calling them during debate. That would be corrected.”
His deputy, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi said, “You are going to have a sufficient time to read the reports. We won’t sneak anything into the committee and we won’t impose any report on the conference delegates.”
Also during the sitting on Monday, a delegate, Bishop Joseph Bagobiri, moved a motion asking Nigerians to pray for the Muslims who are currently observing Ramadan.
He said it was instructive that the national conference was still ongoing during the Ramadan period, noting that the Christian fasting period was also on when the national conference was inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonatjan.
In his reaction, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, a Prof. Ishaq Oloyede asked Nigerians not to see Muslims as those war against the country.
He said it would be wrong to assume that members of the Boko Haram sect were representatives of Muslims.
He said, “Muslims in Nigerians are not at war with anybody. We are part of this country and we are one.
“Those who wage war in Nigeria in the name of Islam do not represent Islam. We are saying nothing but the truth.
“If any of the Christians think that we are not sincere, such thinking should be erased. Those who are waging war are aberrations of Muslims in Nigeria
“The Federal Government of Nigeria should know that we are not at war with it and we mean it. We want to be protected because we are also victims.”

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